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Jazzro creates, manages and optimizes digital advertising campaigns. These ads are known as “banner ads” or “display ads” and are placed on a network of popular websites.

Advertising on a network of popular sites helps to increase a company or organization’s branding, revenue, leads or exposure. It keeps the advertiser’s message in front of the correct audience through detailed targeting and remarketing techniques.

Best of all the advertising is cost effective compared to traditional advertising channels like print, radio and TV. Advertisers are charged per click not impressions (or views) as with the typical advertising channels.


Campaigns start at $1,500 per month. A larger business or organization can choose to subscribe to a larger campaign to meet their needs over the minimum $1,500/month. Jazzro manages campaigns on a 30-day cycle. After a cycle is complete users can change their campaign subscription or budget for digital banner ads.

Jazzro purchases advertising space on websites through popular advertising networks. Through these network connections we can reach the majority of websites on the internet targeted toward your specific industry.


Once a monthly budget is selected, Jazzro employees work hard to maximize the advertising dollars to generate the best results possible for our clients. Jazzro retains a small percentage of the budget to create the artwork, create the campaign and then optimize it for improved results every month. The rest of the budget is spent on the advertising networks and websites that showcase the banner ads. When a potential client clicks on a banner ad a “price per click” is deducted from the user’s balance.


We won’t know until we create a campaign and then manage and optimize it over time. Each industry is unique. Some less competitive industries can get thousands of “clicks” for the budget compared to highly competitive markets that may only get hundreds of clicks for the same budget. At Jazzro it is our goal to produce great results and a positive ROI regardless of the industry. That way our clients are successful and will eagerly continue their banner ad campaigns.

Also, the websites on which the banner ads are displayed may have a different “cost per click.” For example, the Wall Street Journal website may cost 10 times more per click than a local financial blog that gets very little traffic to the site.


Reach over 90% of global internet users expanding across 2 million sites!

The banner ads placed through the advertising networks Jazzro maintains a relationship with reach the majority of the internet users. Therefore, the banner ad may be seen virtually by anyone with an internet connection.


Remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables advertisers to show ads to users who have already visited their site while browsing the web. For example, have you ever shopped for a product online then suddenly start seeing advertising for that product or similar products all over the website—welcome to remarketing!

Remarketing, also known as ad retargeting, can be incredibly successful and can dramatically increase your ROI. Remarketing allows website owners to increase the chance a user will buy their product or service by 70%!


A target audience is a particular group of consumers within the pre-determined market identified as the targets or ‘recipients’ for a particular advertisement or message.

Most advertising campaigns are only successful if the right people see the ad or promotion. Targeting the correct audience that most likely will be interested in the message will ensure that advertising dollars are not wasted on users uninterested in the product or service. This allows advertising budgets to maximize conversions, sales, leads, revenues etc without a lot of wasted investment marketing to the wrong people.

  • Demographics (age, gender, income)
  • Geo (locations: country, city, state, zip code, radiuses etc.)
  • Remarketing (prior visitors to your website)
  • Interest (keywords found in a user’s browser history or web page they are viewing)
  • Websites (manage what websites show your ads – target specific websites)
  • Time (Select days of the week and times throughout the day to show the ads)

Digital Advertising Campaigns: Recap

  • Reach a larger target market by leveraging the major search engines and social media sites' cost per click and impression programs.
  • Jazzro's marketing experts can create, manage and optimize your digital advertising campaigns.
  • Custom Built Banners

$1,500 per month minimum

$100/month Concierge Service
We provide detailed monthly reports

Get more traffic to your website with digital advertising through Google Ad Words, social media and SEO practices.