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Jazzro’s contact manager is a very simple solution that allows the user to organize contacts by groups or lists. Once the user has populated the Jazzro Contact Manager with contacts and groups, that user has the ability to begin easily communicating or marketing to the various contact groups.


Good contact management is required for successful marketing and communication. The entire Jazzro catalog of marketing services and products revolve around the Contact Management System. To successfully leverage Jazzro all-in-one marketing system the user first has to utilize our Contact Management System. The Jazzro Contact Manager and Jazzro's marketing services are great for 3 primary user groups:

BUSINESSES - Businesses track a variety of contact groups like: clients, potential clients, VIP clients, vendors, etc. Later, the business can market to the various groups, send promotions, details on new products, events and services.

SALES REPRESENTATIVES - Sales Reps can organize their contacts into meaningful groups that help grow their sales. Similar to a business, a Sales Rep can send emails with call to actions, follow up with leads, send thank you emails or cards.

ORGANIZATIONS - Organizations like Churches, Sports Teams, Clubs, etc. communicate easily with their members. These organizations will need to add all their members to the Contact Management System to easily send emails and text notifications to their organizations.


Having an easy to use, effective, marketing and communication tools in place is the key to success for many businesses, sales reps and organizations. Jazzro makes it easy by providing many of these marketing tools in one simple to use system. Jazzro users need to follow these steps for success:

Users can actually import their contacts from other popular systems via spreadsheets or CSV files. However, many of the other contact systems users would import from do not have strict clean data policies. A critical business model of Jazzro and its user base is to place a lot of emphasis on clean and complete data for every contact. Many times this is can only be achieved by manually entering each contact to ensure the details of the contact are accurate. Users and businesses following this critical step will have a much higher chance to be successful. Once users input their contacts with clean and complete data we have an export tool in place that can export the users contact list. This feature can allow users to update other software with a perfect, cleaned contact list.


contactsUsers should utilize the grouping feature of Jazzro to organize contacts into lists. Users can utilize several default groups Jazzro has available for all users and users can create as many new groups as needed to organize the contacts successfully. By organizing a contact list into groups it will allow the user to market to each group differently. For example a business owner would likely want to send an existing client an email, text or thank you card that has a different message than a potential client or lead. Therefore, that business owner would need at least two groups: 1) Existing Clients 2) Potential Clients.

Users should periodically review and update their contact database within Jazzro. Phone numbers, emails and addresses change often. Users should have a system in place to ensure their contact data remains clean and accurate.

Finally, it’s time to put all the hard work of inputting and organizing contacts to use—it’s time to begin marketing and communicating! For new users we recommend testing the various services like text and email. Once you are comfortable with the mechanics create your first campaign and begin marketing to your groups!

Contact Organization Tool: Recap

  • Create meaningful groups to simplify your marketing campaigns.
  • Customize contact groups using Jazzro's color coding system.
  • In one unified portal, Jazzro allows you to easily manage all of your contact lists within your email accounts, mobile devices, social sites and contact management systems

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Keep your contacts organized across your email accounts, mobile devices, social sites, and contact management systems.